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Weekly Clan Wars

Every Thursday, starting at 20:00 UTC, the clans gather on our public cutting-edge server and fight to see which of them can gain the most territory by the next wipe.

Map Control

Capture monuments and gain points for your clan on the leaderboard. If your clan's name or clan tag is prominently displayed in a large banner or sign near a monument by wipe time, your clan gains points on the leaderboard. Capture as many monuments as you can and watch your clan's ranking skyrocket.

Monthly Champion

The clan with the most points at the end of the month is declared the monthly champion, so there will be three leaderboards to compete on: the current month's ranking, the monthly victories ranking, and a lifetime points ranking.


Because it just tastes better.


Form alliances between smaller clans to take on the bigger ones. The Insomnia Discord has been designed specifically to help co-ordinate such efforts, as all the clans taking part in the Clan Wars are there.


Clanless players are welcome, for the extra bit of chaos they can help inject to a server, but they have no way of earning points on the leaderboard without joining and representing a clan. For solo players, though, this server, swarming with clans armed to the teeth and hungry for territory, is doubtlessly the ultimate challenge.

Cutting-edge Server

We guarantee the most powerful server hardware available for Rust, to allow for the biggest map sizes, the greatest number of players, and the biggest and most protracted Clan Wars.

Central Location

Our server is located in Chicago, right in the middle of Europe and Australasia, as the optimal choice to allow for truly international Clan Wars.


1. Improvised Explosive Device (IED) - 5 points

2. CLOT - 0 points

3. H3CK - 0 points

4. High Velocity (HV) - 0 points

5. Kappa Omega Phi (ΚΩΦ) - 0 points

6. Knights of Khan (KOK) - 0 points

7. Mystic - 0 points

8. Red Crimson (RC) - 0 points

9. Social Justice Warriors Zerg (SJW) - 0 points

10. The Cult (CULT) - 0 points

11. The Warriors (Warr) - 0 points

12. The Zhang Gang (ZHGB) - 0 points

13. TiE - 0 points

14. Unity - 0 points

15. You are XP (uRxP) - 0 points

16. Zero Tolerance (zT) - 0 points

Clan Wars #2 starts this Thursday, December 21 at 20:00 UTC in the uberust.net server ( and the Insomnia Discord. Be there.

Vanilla Rust

Complex Mechanics

Territory Capture

Proper Endgame

Clan Leaderboard

Maximum Rivalry

Want to fight the best clans in the world?

What is Uberust?
The be-all end-all version of Rust

We all know that Rust is the best multiplayer game ever. We also know that Facepunch forgot to add an endgame. Alex Kierkegaard and Insomnia have decided to step in and polish off this astonishing masterpiece of a game with a few simple rules that ensure that Rust becomes a game not merely about Survival, but about Domination pure and simple.